Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There's Peace in Pastels

When I browse through some of the many beautiful pages of pictures posted by Carolyn over at Aiken House & Gardens, I get such an overwhelming feeling of peace. I love the pastel colors throughout her pages, and more specifically, the pink roses. I love pink roses.

I decided to make something that brings peace to me,even though it is not really a practical project.I worked on it incessantly, until it was finished, simply because I wanted to see if I could produce something that would bring me such a feeling of peace, just by having it in my presence.I say it's not practical, because a hot pad or a mug rug will inevitably, get soiled when used, and I hate to use these little pads for that reason. I may just hang them on the wall in a frame. I have done that before,although I have never cared to make things just to look at. Most of my projects have a purpose and are usable.

I'm not real sure what it is about this color combination,peach and antique white but it definitely does evoke peace for me.Nevertheless, here they are. Two little mug rugs,of sorts.Now, finding a special place for them is my next task.

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