Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lucky vs. Mockingbird

I have written a few times about Lucky and the Mockingbird, but today I do not have a sweet story to tell. I can only assume from the long pretty feathers that I've found on the carport,that Lucky has eaten his friend, the Mockingbird. I know there are lots of Mocking birds around, but this one had gotten so use to playing with Lucky, I fear he might have let his guard down, just a bit too much.

I do love my Cats, but it's times like that that I tell myself, "Never will I, ever again, have another cat when these are gone". I know that cats are predators  and they do things like this,daily. I just simply don't usually see it. Today the feathers on my doorstep,broke my heart to think of the dreadful death the bird must have endured, and to be eaten by your friend. What could be worse?

I'll never know if it was truly the same bird that appears in my yard frequently, but the thought of Lucky eating such a beautiful bird, disturbs me. Why couldn't it have been a dreadful,annoying,pests, like the Starling?

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  1. I guess Lucky didn't know he was doing anything wrong.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I wish we lived closer too!