Friday, October 5, 2012

A Dog's Life

Pop felt this would be a great story to share on Facebook. I may get to that later, but for now, I think it will make a nice story for my blog.Pop doesn't know much about blogging, but he hears quite a bit about Facebook from his two daughters and myself,but with the grand daughter, it is another story.Every time I snap a picture, she comments,"Don't tell me. It's going on your blog."The little brat.She does that to bug me, so I have learned to ignore her when she says that, and that bugs her.

Nevertheless, Pop wanted me to mention that HE leads a dog's life, but HE has to get in line.

This incident was a rare one. Three dogs in the house.We don't have three house dogs. Lily is our only house dog,and we do have two semi-house cats.Speckles is the new pup that snuck in when the door was open this morning, and the third dog belongs to the grandchildren.We are dog sitting for them while they take their vacation.They have been spending a little time in Florida during fall break.

I can see now why folks charge so much to dog sit for others. Abby is old and she is very cantankerous.She follows me every step, usually when I am in the kitchen. She is constantly begging for food. She wants to be rubbed when she sleeps. It's like caring for an infant child,but she is very old, so we must coddle her a bit.  I do love my pets, but they learn early on, that I am too busy to have a needy pet.I know that sounds a little selfish, but for the most part, our pets are very well treated and they know it.

 I know Abby misses her family, but she seems pretty relaxed, there by my feet as I type up my blog.

Yes, Pop I think you're right. It seems you do lead a dog's life in many ways. You both even sound a lot alike when you snore.

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