Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Trick or Treat Night

I had several soup cans accumulated here lately, and I was wanting to get more into making Christmas arrangements, so I needed a project to use up a lot of the cans quickly. While doing a bit of shopping yesterday, I ran across a roll of duct tape with candy corn printed on it.I had no reason for buying it, but thought it might come in handy in my crafting sometime,so I bought it to add to my supplies. Who knows when I'll ever find a roll like that again.

Well, today, it hit me. Use the cans up by making pencil holders for my Trick or Treat visitors. Perfect! I rummaged through my supplies and found a can of black spray paint. Perfect again!So I got to work. Within an hour or two, I had made up 25 cans. That's about all the visitors we get way back here at 40th and Plum. I'll fill some baggies with candy and tie them up with an orange thread or ribbon..
Who could ask for a nicer treat, and I've solved my problem of moving the cans quickly.

1 comment:

  1. Super cool idea Sue. They look amazing.
    We don't get any trick or treaters here.

    Those soup cans would make great tea light holders, punch a few holes and you're good to go.
    I was watching the Live Well network and they did tea light holders with soup cans.
    If I remember right they froze water in the cans first so the can would'nt crush while you were punching the holes.