Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Pond Do-Over

I've posted about our new pond and how a sink hole broke out in it, and we lost all the water we had gotten so excited about.We dammed up the little bit of water that remained, and Pop worked for days trying to patch the sink hole to no avail.Finally he decided to build up the walls of the pond right across the patched sinkhole, thus making our pond a bit smaller, but still big enough to hold enough water for the deer and other wildlife to drink.Pop had heard about a product that was suppose to help seal ponds, so he went up town and purchased 6 bags,about 80 pounds each. It was a fine gray powder which looked alot like cement.We sprinkled the material all around the outer edges of the pond, and then he took the tractor and disc and worked it in the ground good. I then took Ole Rose,our big tractor, and made about 20 circles around the pond,packing it down as best I could. Then we waited for rain. We did get a very light rain last night, and the small portion of the pond on the right, is holding some water. We are expecting more rain possibly tonight or Friday.We'll definitely need a little more rain to tell if the pond is going to hold this time,but if we can only keep the small pond we have now, we will be content.

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