Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peanuts and Sweet Potatoes

This has been my first try at growing peanuts, and it hasn't been very successful. I planted about a dozen hills, but only four survived to maturity. I pulled them up last night, hoping they were done, but now, I am not sure. I failed to do enough research on them, and I may have pulled them to early. I don't know what to do with them now that they are pulled and cleaned.I soaked a couple of cups in salt water hoping to give them a better taste, but I don't know anything about what I need to do with them. I put the remainder of the  nuts in the dehydrator, but they still don't taste like I was hoping.Pop says his Mamaw used to toast them in an old iron skillet and they tasted better, but in my opinion, they wouldn't win any blue ribbons.I put one or two nuts, after shelling them,in the skillet with the cornbread I was cooking for supper, and it tasted a bit more like I was used to, but a long way from being perfect. Hopefully, I will toast a few tomorrow in the iron skillet,wit a little salt and butter,and,hopefully, they will taste better. The salt is missing, for one thing, and unsalted peanuts are a long way from the the top of my favorite food list.Maybe the ones I'm soaking in salt will be better after the drying and toasting. Regardless of how they turn out, this has been an experience I will not soon forget. Maybe, next year with a little more research and one years experience under my belt, all will go better.

Pop had a much better turn out on his 12 hills of sweet potatoes. We don't eat that many, but we do enjoy raising a few, and we love seeing them grow.I'll put a few in a jar of water for house plants, then we'll have slips to grow another bunch next year.Pop's Mamaw always grew one in a jar, and it brings back fond memories for him.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Growing peanuts sounds interesting.
    The sweet potatoes sound even better.
    The leaves are so pretty.
    I like to use sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin in my sweet bread.
    Yesterday it was cold here so I had the opportunity to turn on the oven, I made cornbread, banana bread, and 2 pot pies. YUM!

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    1. Marvin grow long rolls of peanut, and it was a job to dig and cleam them. I don't remember how they took care of them but they was good. Hope you does better for you.