Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another great "Reason For Jumping Out Of Bed" idea

walls for my raised bed
A lot of really great ideas pop into my head about the time I normally get up in the morning anyway. I get so motivated, I literally jump out of bed without my usual aches and pains and moaning and grumbling procedure. When I'm thinking of or doing something I really love to do,I feel no pain.

My latest great idea is going to be a special project for me. I have been GIVEN about 35-40 aged railroad ties. Several months ago, I visited our new neighbor who has settled in here in the last few years,from Alaska. He has 3 raised garden beds and I have wanted a raised bed like his ever since.  Then, too, after watching Victory Garden for years, I have always wanted my own raised beds. I have attempted various versions over the last 35 years, only to find my creations are not exactly what I want.The upkeep of several small container beds is unreal. My beds are usually made from old tires, or buckets, or tubs, or something I've made from wood. My dream is to have at least one really nice raised bed. Just tall enough that I don't need to do a lot of bending and squatting.  I am getting older, you know, and as much as I hate to admit and accept it,I'm not nearly as flexible and agile as I once was.

I usually put all of my grass clipping in the chicken pen, so the chickens can make my compost for me. With this new bed I am planning, I can house a few chickens in one end of it (during the summer anyway)and continue to give them the clipping, at the same time I will be building up the soil in my raised bed.They can scratch and dig and turn my compost pile for me, right in the spot where I will be planting next Spring. Sounds a great idea (I only hope it works like I'm planning). I hope Gavin is reading this blog post. I think he will like this idea,too. He has such a limited space to work with at his home in Australia.

Well, I started this post a few days ago, and now I have most of the beams carried home from the friends home where they were just in their way. They were glad to be rid of them and I am so happy to have them.Now I have run into a slight delay in building my raised bed.
smashed finger

I ended up with a smashed finger in the tie moving process. Now I must wait for it to heal a bit before I continue. It wants to bleed each time I bend my knuckle and I know I'll need to bend every joint I have when I begin the building of my new raised bed.Canning tomatoes is no picnic either. I'll check in after a few days.Maybe I'll have made a little progress on the bed.

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  1. OUCH! 0n the finger and good luck with the raise bed.