Friday, August 23, 2013

Bring on the Chalk

The chickens, dogs and fish have all been fed for today,the last batch of the fried apples are in the skillet. A big skillet of cornbread is ready for Pop's supper and a pot of Creamy Garlic Rice for myself and a big platter of fresh red tomatoes. Pop can eat Cornbread and Milk and tomatoes any day of the week, and that was his request tonight, and I can make a meal on any type of rice with fresh tomatoes. We'll have a bowl of left over blackberry dumplings for dessert.  Who could ask for a meal that is any more simple and delicious.

 I had a few minutes to work on one of my favorite crafts. It calms me so, to sit quietly and paint. Pictured above is a blackboard I finished today. I discovered blackboard paint a few years ago and love making pretty little blackboards of all kinds.. This is my latest creation.

 My heart is usually pounding from the days activities so a quiet leisure session of painting gets it back in sync. As I lay down at night,I can hear the sound of my heart really good. It worries me sometimes that it is beating so hard and fast. I figure it's from being so tired. After all, I am no Spring Chicken anymore, and my usual activities tire me more each day. Caffeine affects my heart,too, so I try to limit my morning and evening coffee with Pop, to half a cup each. At my age, I do tend to think more about heart attacks, so the more precautions I can take, the better. Staying inside on these hot humid days is one way of helping to protect my heart,too. Work of any kind outdoors on hot days like we have been having lately, is extremely dangerous, and the weather man doesn't talk like there's any relief in sight for several more days. 

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