Wednesday, August 21, 2013

While the cat's away, the mice will play.

Today is Pop's day to spend time with one and sometimes both of his daughters.They usually go out for breakfast, hit the Flea Market, then finish up at the local Walmart for their weekly shopping. While I am here by myself today, I decided to do a bit of tweaking to my raised bed project. Pop likes to supervise, and working with him is like working with Mom,God,bless her and rest her soul. She and I always butted heads when we worked on a project together. We always got the same results, but our methods for getting there were totally opposite.That's the way with Pop and I. He wants to rip out several of the ties which are already in place, to correct a minor imperfection. He doesn't want it to look tacky from the road. He made a good point saying that I would probably have so many flowers and veggies everywhere, the imperfections will not be noticed, but still he wants to make the changes. I decided to make a few small changes of my own while he was away. I like a bit of having it complete, but using the hand saw to cut the ties is the pits. I'll wait for him to return to use his chain saw.That's one of the few tools I have not mastered, and I have no desire to do so.

I will need a little filler dirt, rocks, boards or something to fill the space along the ground where I leveled the bed, but that is a minor problem. I will be layering my mulch, old newspapers,grass clippings,etc, over the next few weeks, then bring in some good top soil to cap it off. It may settle a bit as time goes by, but I am aware of that and will be adding more layers as needed. Now if only I can persuade him to leave my tweaking as I have it,when he returns. After all, it's my raised bed and it pleases me. (Wish me luck with that one.)

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