Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finally, My Dream Bed

Pop and I work on my raised bed every time it cools down a bit. In the early morning or late evening. We're moving right along. We should finish up the walls with one more good day's work. Then will come the filling. I plan to fill it half way with mulch from the huge pile in the driveway. A lot of the mulch will go around the bed to keep the grass down. Hopefully that will deplete the huge pile of mulch that has been an eye sore for a year or so. I do love mulch,and it was free, but it was never my intention to have it in such a huge pile right in the driveway, but it just so happened that when the local tree trimming company needed a place to dump all of the excess mulch, there had been so much rain, it was impossible for them to find good places off the road to dump.We volunteered to let them dump it on us, never dreaming there would be so much.In the long run, I am not sorry for agreeing to help them out. I have made good use of the extra mulch this past year.

I am so excited about my new raised bed. I have wanted one for years. I hope I have good luck with raising a few things in it. Pop is more into the more conventional type gardening, and he is convinced that my raised bed is not going to produce the results I think it will. Now, I MUST prove him wrong. 

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  1. Hi Sue...
    I'm pretty sure you'll prove him wrong, our raised bed does very well.