Monday, August 12, 2013

Mind Games

Of all things! I awoke this morning thinking about my morning glory.I have mentioned this before and folks say it is all in my mind.  Well! That is exactly what I am saying here. How you feel is a great deal mind related. I can be thinking of my aches and pains, and I find I have many more than I originally thought. And I continually find more aches and pains as I keep them on my mind. But! When I turn my mind to my most favorite activity, wallah! My aches and pains are gone.

I love playing with the soil. Constantly finding new ways to make it better. At least in the small amounts that I use in my flower beds and play gardens. I love working with my compost.

Evidently, one of the morning glories had established itself in one of my beds that contained some of my compost. The leaves were enormous. Now that is my constant goal. Seeing just how much I can improve my  compost in order to improve my flowers and vegetables. I love seeing the final results.

There are many things in my life that truly get me this excited, to the point where I want to jump right out of bed (if it's daylight out) and get to it.  There are many mornings that I awaken with a thought of a single task that I want to get into, and it gets my blood a pumping so fast I must get out of bed and get started.

This is not the best shot of one of my morning glories, but you can see the size of the leaves. The giant leaves are on a vine growing in a bin of compost.  The smaller leaves are growing in the ground.The compost produces the desired effect I work so hard to achieve with my flowers and my garden.


  1. Wow Sue it's lovely.
    My poor flower beds are so neglected, just can't work up the want to.
    Your piece of land is so lovely, so tranquil looking.

  2. Thanks, Terry. It gets a bit overwhelming at times, but I started taking some new vitamins and the weather is cooler, so I have more energy now. I've needed both for awhile.