Saturday, August 24, 2013

Making Mama Proud!

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I don't remember my own Mother encouraging us kids to do so, but most Mothers stay on their children to "Eat Your Vegetables". I guess we ate ours without being persuaded to do so, simply because we were always hungry. We were always very active and had lots of chores to do, so when mealtime came, we cleaned up everything on the table. Over the span of 20+ years, from 1946 to 1968, there were nine of us children.That was a lot of mouths to feed, so Mom canned everything but the kitchen sink(which we didn't have anyway.Well, truthfully,Mom did find a second hand sink which we used, but it wasn't hooked up to running water).

For some strange reason, I have taken a liking to the bread and butter type pickling mixture. A friend of mine gave me a sample of her B&B mixture which contained several garden vegetables. Squash, onions, green and red peppers and the usual B&B ingredients. I don't have that many squash and peppers coming on just now, but I did manage to work up a couple of pints. I opened a jar of my newly canned relish to eat with brown beans, and I suddenly got a craving for corn relish.  I do remember Mom, especially in her later years, canning a lot of what we called "End of the Garden Relish".  It was very similar, but truly,I prefer more Corn in my Relish. My Grandmother use to make Corn Relish, more so than my Mother, although I guess Mom did make some. Nevertheless, I decided I wanted to make some Corn Relish of my own.

As I was eating a big bowl of brown beans covered in the Corn Relish, I thought about just how many vegetables I had in my bowl. I was getting a good serving without even realizing it. If Mama ever did worry about me eating my vegetables, she would definitely be proud of me today.

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