Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Fun Filled Sunday

Today was our day to keep the Grandchildren, so we spent the day, trying to come up with ideas to keep them busy. I had experimented with the faux desserts, so Leah was anxious to try one of those. I cut her out a small circle out of the foam rubber, and explained to her how to decorate it. She did 90% of it herself, with me assisting a little at times. She was pleased with the way it turned out, but ready to move on to the next project asap.She is 9 and her attention span is increasing, but slowly.Pop had some steaks laid out to thaw, with the intention of having them for our evening meal, but Leah decided she wanted them for the noon meal(since she would not be here for the evening meal), so he cooked the steaks on the grill outside, while Leah and I peeled and sliced a skillet of fried potatoes at Pop's request. We usually have baked potatoes(but very seldom, due to Pop's sugar) with our steak, but for some reason, he was craving fried potatoes with lots of onions.So that's what we had. After lunch, we drug out the gourds that I had cleaned and painted this past fall and winter, hoping to attract a few Purple Martins to our property. Our closest neighbor has them, and we have hoped for years that they would take up residents at our home, too, but not even the $125. Martin birdhouse I purchased from the Amish, has tempted them to do so. They come by and check it out, but never stay.I thought that I would try the gourds this year. We attached them to an aluminum pipe,and raised them up on a telescopic pole I had ordered just for this project.I have a book or two on the birds, but there are so many do's and don'ts, and if and ands and buts about the subject, I'm beginning to think it's hopeless to expect them to move in here.This may be my last attempt. Thirty years is long enough to try.I'll just have to learn to settle for the sparrows and starlings.And, Oh, yes. I ordered a cassette tape to play every morning. It's the Morning Song of the Purple Martin. It is suppose to help lure them in. We'll see if that works.We'll keep you posted as to whether any of these things help us to attract the Martins to our home this year.Until my next post, Happy Blogging!


  1. Howdy, enjoy your pictures today, sounds like you had a good Sunday. Leah done a good job on the cake, and it is hard to kept them busy at doing thing, they like to more on to something else. Your fried potatoes with onions sound real good ,I like them like that with beams. how is Pop sugar, does he have to take anything for it or just try to watch what he eat. Will catch you later have a goooooood week! Connie

  2. Yes, Connie. Both.He takes Metformin twice a day. It normally runs around 140 when he wakes up and levels out to about normal by the evening meal, but this week it went up to 206. Not sure why. He eats about the same. I think most of the problem is eating bigger portions than he should. He eats away, when I am busy or elsewhere and I was away at mealtimes,several days this past week.