Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Making Progress in the Basement

I jump from job to job, as I have stated before, but I am making progress in the portion of the basement that is highly visible to passers through. I can shut the door to my bedroom/craft room, but when company drop in and go through the basement, they must see this area. I started with a common bare concrete wall basement. Mom and I gave it 1 coat of paint early on, to match the rest of the house, but we did that mainly to lighten it up down there, since the light was very limited.No windows at all, and only the double doors in the north wall.The son in law installed the lighting, but the only wall plugs were in the north wall on the entrance end of the basement. I am hoping he will get time to come and install more plugs and lighting in the rest of the basement, very soon.Until then, we are doing the best we can with the lights we have.
I am so proud of the work I have done. I have not ventured out to this much carpenter's work in years, but I am elated at what I have accomplished so far. It is amazing what a coat of fresh paint will do for anything. What I have done so far, makes it so much more inviting. I love spending time in my newly remodeled basement.(Even though it is still a work in progress)Every day, I find another little something that I can to to make it a little better.I put caps on the front of all my canning jar shelves one day, and it really looks nice. Now I am thinking of putting louvered doors in front of the shelves to hide some of it. The canned goods are great to leave exposed,showing another accomplishment I am proud of, but all the little extra things that get stored there, tend to make it look forever in disarray.The season is fast changing, and more than likely, I will need to be outdoors more, taking care of business out there. That means less time to play in my basement.Yes, I said play. I do enjoy what I am doing with it, so much, I consider it play. But then anything I get to do that I enjoy so much is considered play, and you know as kids, we were never allowed to play until all the work was done.As you get older, you realize that A Woman's Work is Never Done.That's why so many self help books and programs nowadays, dwell on Taking Care of No. 1,First. Women are amazing when it comes to seeing and doing things that need doing, every minute of every day.But He never puts on us, any more than we can handle.We will survive.Until my next post, Happy Blogging to All!


  1. Basement is looking good ,I know you are enjoy fixing it up! don't work to hard!

  2. I just lo-o-o-v-v-e all that white...lace curtains, white shelves....B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
    Love you....V