Saturday, March 13, 2010

Practice Exuberance

Practice exuberance.

Exuberance is a beauty.

William Blake, poet and painter (1757-1827)

Don't be cool and calculating.Don't withhold your enthusiasm for life. Instead, be like a baby and absolutely squeal for joy.Dance wildly around your living room,make a fool of yourself and laugh until the tears run down your cheeks.Give someone you love, a huge bunch of flowers, and kiss your mother for no reason.Don't stop there-roll down your car windows and sing your heart out.
Holding back your exuberance makes you old before your time.It may even make you sick as well.If you don't express your joy, you may forget how to be joyful.Express your joy full out at least once a day.Not only will you feel better, but you will look better, too.

(A page from 365 ways to live a simple and spiritual life by Madonna Gauging)

For some reason this page struck a chord for me. I have supressed so many of my feelings for so long, I forget how to accept and embrace them when they do arise.
Working on my craft room and basement remodeling project brings me such joy with the accomplishments I am making, I am overjoyed at times, and I am sure others sometimes view me as being sily. I felt the same overwhelming feeling of joy when I had by blog published into a little book. These are the kinds of feelings we need to feel and enjoy daily to be happy and healthy.So let's all go ahead and be a little silly, if that's what it takes to feel better.I agree totally about the feeling better, but the looking better part, now that's a little harder to believe, but it's worth a try. Happy Blogging!

(The picture was taken from Artist',one of my favorite sites.It is a banner painting by Renee Mullens.)


  1. You may look in the mirror and not see it but others do....Especially the ones close to you...Keep up the good work and enjoy all your little projects....P.S. I really enjoyed you and Mom coming to lunch..

  2. Love "The Simple Life" photo...glad to see your enthusiasm for all the fun things going on in your's contagious!!! Keep it up!!
    Love you lots, your sis, V

  3. My blogger friends and family keep me motivated with all your kind words. Thank you all. It is inspiring to be complimented on your works no matter how simple or small the task.