Saturday, March 27, 2010

John's First Ball Practice

Where has the time gone? Why does it have to go so fast? It seems it was only yesterday, he was in diapers. Now he is off to his first baseball practice, but I am so glad he is getting into some kind of organized sport. He only has an older sister, so he has had to play his little boy games by himself a lot of the time. He does great entertaining himself at times, but he does need to know how to interact more with other children his age. When you're used to being No.1 in everyone's eyes, it's hard to adjust to being part of a group. Sharing has been a hard pill to swallow for both grandchildren anyway. They seem to stay in that Me and Mine stage forever.But like all children, they'll make it through it all and they'll be fine.
Leah was a little jealous today, because we were all making such a fuss over John's first practice, like we didn't go to every production she was in on the stage at John Hardin.John asked me to take something for him to eat, just in case he got hungry from playing ball. So like any good grandmother, I packed the works.Blankets to sit on, drinks, snacks of all kinds.A thermos of hot coffee for Pop and myself.A bottle of water. He drinks a lot of water. We had a tailgate party while John practiced.He was so happy to be out there with his friends, he could care less about the snacks. Although he did eat the entire bag of popcorn on the way, and I had a treat for him later. Skittles. He likes them, but so does the rest of the family, so he was handing them out, one at a time, on the way home. I got a few pictures, although there was no real action to the day. Practice isn't all that exciting, especially since none of them know anything at all about baseball,yet.I only hope he takes a liking to it. Pop is so afraid he will get hit in the face and he is too pretty a boy to have his face scarred up.Boys are not usually thought of as pretty, but John is truly a pretty boy.But then we think they are both the prettiest children in the world.When we returned to their home after practice, the children and I went to the back yard for a little ball practice. With the first throw,Leah was pitcher,John was batter, I was catcher,John got hit square in the eye with the ball. Thank goodness it was a rubber ball; however, it did leave his eye plenty red.He ran to his parents, telling how Leah had hit him in the eye. Leah told him, "You'd better get use to getting hit, but it will be with a much harder ball in a real game." I'm sure that made him feel much better. Like my Mom would say,"C'est la vie!"."That's Life." Until my next post, Happy Blogging!


  1. I like your little story about your grandkids, so cute at that age. Good luck with all your spring gardening, we are looking forward to winter tree planting soon!

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  3. Sue Enjoy your visit today, the girls had fun playing with Leah. Your pictures are good of your little ball player. HAVE A GOOD WEEK!