Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Cup Cupboard in the Making

It's kinda hard to see what I'm making here, but it is an idea I came up with lately. My brother-in-law gave me this set of old doors.He is a junk collector like myself, and he comes across a lot of neat stuff. I'd say these doors came out of a really old house.Maybe even 100 years or better. We have lived in some pretty old houses in my lifetime as kids, and I remember having doors like these in one of the houses, so I decided to use them as they are, even though they are rough, to say the least.I rummaged through Pop's pile of junk....Oh, I'm sorry, he doesn't collect junk....I rummaged through Pop's collection of things he has saved, just in case he might possibly use them someday,and found some old beat up lumber.Just right for my project. I measured and cut and nailed until I got it pretty close to what I was trying for, then I painted it. I am still a long ways from being finished with it, but it's coming along nicely.I plan to put the doors on the cupboard I have assembled and leave the old time latch on it. There is a screen door type hook inside the doors to help hold them shut. My plan is to put shelving in the cupboard and move all my salt and pepper shaker sets and my collection of various cups to their new home. That will free up the tops of my kitchen cabinets. Pop keeps telling me, they might fall off the walls soon, although I know he is joking. I heard him telling his friends as they put the cabinets up in the kitchen, that he was putting plenty of screws, because he knew what I would do.Put all my pretty dishes up there. And he was right. And I continue to add new ones every now and then.I am afraid my new cupboard will not hold all that I would like for it to hold, but it's a start. My plan is to leave the doors ajar and place some hooks and the like on the inside of the doors to display some of my handmade items.The idea sounds good. If only I can get it to work out like I have planned. I had hoped to make a mantle of sorts across the top to hold a few cute items or pictures or plants, but it is taller than I had anticipated.I'll show an update on my project as I get it finished(I hope).So until my next post, Happy Blogging!


  1. This is going to nice to put your pretty stuff in, can't wait to see your picture when it is done. I will say you will try to built anything, and it looks like it is going good. all I can say YOU GO GIRL! Did you and leah get wet going home yesterday? HAVE A GOOD DAY!

  2. Thanks. No not too wet. Her Dad didn't come to get her until 6. That was later than usual, but she wasn't really ready to go then. She usually is, but for some strange reason, she was in no hurry to go home.Now John is a different story. He would live with me and Pop.(I think she was dreading doing homework. She asked me who invented homework anyway.I told her I thought it was around since Abraham Lincoln was a boy. I'm sure it was much longer, but I felt sure she'd know by that, that it was a long time ago.)