Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Forgotten Projects from the Past!

As I rummaged through my two sheds today, I ran across several little items I had made many years ago. It is so strange how you will forget little things. There, from at least, 20 years ago,were little pin cushions and a pouch very similar to the ones I have been making this past year, and I don't even remember making them. I have collected and played with material forever though. I have always known that I could never quilt like my Grandmother or my sister,Vicki, from My Favorite Things, or like Connie,my good friend and neighbor, from Granny's Sewing Room. That is an art, and some people have the ability and others do not. I do think it is an innate things that is born to some individuals. I suppose you can learn to do a decent job of it, but it will never flow as readily for some of us as it does for others.I love sewing with my hands, but use the machine at times when I have a bigger project, but sewing beautiful quilts just isn't in the cards for me. I tend to go for small projects. Sounds like I might have ADD. I need to see results fast, or I will move on to another project. I suppose that is why I have so many collections of projects-to- do,in my sheds. I can invision doing so many different things, that there is no way possible for me to get to them all during my lifetime. I have books galore that survived the housefire and if I had the time to read one a day, I could not read them all. I have most of the books for research and not for leisure reading, and I do like to sit and browse through them at times, but stopping and sitting, just to read a book is a luxury I have rarely allowed myself.I know it is my own fault, but some habits are hard to break. That is why I love blogging so much. It is calming and peaceful. I can blog late at night, when Pop is asleep or in the early morning before he awakes without wondering if he thinks I'm spending too much time on the computer.Pop and my Mom both hate that I get on the computer and spend any time at all, so I have to wait until I'm alone to do my blogging.Something about writing down your thoughts, is like talking to a good friend who has time to listen without judging you. To many of us, that alone is worth it all.I do enjoy sharing my thoughts with others, but rarely get the opportunity. I do enjoy my time alone most days, but everyone needs someone to talk to on occasion, so thanks for listening and I will try to get some rest. I have promised to help my sister, Mary, from Nails in My Pocket, to finish up on her little barn. Her goats are ready to have babies, also, and she needs a little help putting the finishing touches on the barn.Good Night and Happy Blogging!

P.S.I ran across a few blog entries that I had not posted yet. I don't remember why I was waiting. Sometimes I wait till I come up with an appropriate picture, but this one will have to go with out one. Sorry!

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