Monday, March 15, 2010

So What is that in People years?????????

We have an old dog that has been our special pet for 24 years. She is the one on the far right. Her name is Dixie.The other dog is Bear. Bear has watched Dixie guard our property for 10years or so, and she will be our main guard dog when Dixie is no longer with us. They both lay and watch the property now, and let us know when so much as a crow lights on our land. Dixie was once our house dog, but due to her failing bladder, she now sleeps in Pop's pouting room, where he keeps heat all winter.Years ago she made a path to our neighbor, Edna's house, which she used several times a day, but this past year, she was hit by a truck. She was already having hip problems, but the truck made them a lot worse. We babied her around for about 6 weeks and she got better, so now Edna comes to our yard and brings her a regular morning treat, so she won't have to be on the road.Edna lives about half a mile from us.It is not a real busy road, but at times, some folks get in a pretty big hurry.Dixie had always walked with Edna when she would take her daily walks Now as Dixie got older and had more troubles brought on by her age, she just walks the yard, and waits for Edna to come. Some mornings Edna walks in the other direction, and then on Sunday, she takes a break from her walking, but Faithful Dixie, still stands at the driveway, watching for her to come by.No one can believe that Dixie is 24 years old, but the children in the community are witnesses to the fact, since they were the ones who found her for us back when they were still at home and in school.One of the girls is now 40 years old.She was only a teenager at that time, riding her 4-wheeler up and down the lane.That's when she saw Dixie wandering along the lane where someone had abandoned her. A lot of folks take dogs to out of the way places and drop them off, when they don't want them. At least, they use to. I don't think that goes on quite as much lately. The Dog Warden keeps on top of that kind of thing nowadays.Dixie has had a good life and we will miss her when shes gone. She has been the best pet anyone could ask for.Until my next post, Happy Blogging.


  1. Sue ,this is the third time i have comment on this , when I send it , it won't go thru, so I"m doing it again. enjoy the story on the dogs, I called and told Edna about the story. Me and pappy had been talking about how him and pop would take the dogs on the boogie for a ride, Flash died at the age of 13, with heart failure. Pappy said that he would see pop just about every day , but now just see pop in pasting, time changes and people are busy and just don't visit. A good Blog Story! Have a nice night!

  2. Wow I have never heard of a dog that old,a real senior citizen !!
    Incredible !
    Sweet post!