Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Having Craft Withdrawal!

I have been doing a lot of things for several days that must be done, and therefore, I haven't had time to do any of my crafts. That falls under play, and you remember what I said about play. Mom would never let us play until all the chores were done. I no longer have to account to Mom, but the memory still lingers in my head.I think it's called a guilty conscience. I put up a picture of the end cap I've put on my canning jar shelves. It looks so much nicer.I'll probably do more to them as time goes by.But for now, I'm off to do a multitude of other tasks.Pop and I worked on the electric fence a little today.Then I repaired the gate to my goat pen. I have been penning them up at night, just in case Mattie does have a little one(we never were sure if either of them got bred the night I took them to the neighbor's with the intention of selling them to him, but didn't)If they did get bred, we will owe him something for his goat's services, but he is a good friend, and I doubt he will charge us anything. But back to my craft withdrawal. I worked in my two sheds today.Taking the Christmas decorations back out to be stored, and rummaging through my collection of crafts to be done at a later date. I was so missing my crafting.I decided I would take a few minutes break, and make something. I ran across some foam rubber in the shed, and it brought a craft to my mind that I had been wanting to try. I had purchased an artificial strawberry tart to go in my glass cake dish,and I immediately felt I could imulate that, but I prefer chocolate. Well, I didn't take the time to make a cake, but instead I made 3 little cake balls, very similar to the ones made by my sister, Mary, from Nail in my Pocket.I wrote about them in my post "Catastrophe Averted".The cake balls I made today(pictured above) do not quite look like I had invisioned them just yet, but when they dry, I'll decorate them further and give you a better picture(I hope).If all goes well, I will explain how I made them at that time. It was loads of fun. I may get Leah to help me make some other nice desserts so I can interchange them on occasion. For Heaven's Sake, I hope no one tries to eat them, but if they will look as real as I plan, they may.


  1. M-m-m-m the cake balls look delicious...are these calorie free?? Now if you could only make the real ones calorie free you'd be on to something!!
    As usual everything looks great...coming along nicely!! Enjoy your day!! until later...V

  2. Thanks, but I didn't like the color after they dried , so I found a bottle of dark brown paint to redo them. Dark Chocolate, you know. When they dry once more I'll put on my sprinkles and a light coat of spray varnish. I hope they look as good as I've invisioned them. I'll try different variations later.

  3. hi sue the little cake ball look good, my friend make some fudge brownies sq. and drizzle hot glue on them and let go douwn the side and paint them., she put a cherry on top of them and they look real also. There is so much crafts that can be done, if any one really want to do it. Looks like you are enjoying your craft room, HAVE FUN!

  4. Hi Sue!

    You have done a great job in your basement! It's wonderful to have a space like that, and you've really made it your own! I'm a huge fan of real cake balls, so I best stay away lest I make the mistake of taking a bite of one of those :o) I bet they look cute with the sprinkles you mention in your comment...

    Thanks so much for visiting at my place...your sister did too, because before I got your comment, I got one from your sister, and when I went to visit her blog, I read her little Mother's Day tribute to you, which really touched me...so it was neat to see a comment from you too! I still need to head back to your sister's to leave a comment...will do so when I get back from errands...

    I tend to write a book when I comment...sorry!

    So glad you found me - thanks for following...I am following you now too...

    Have a glorious day!

    Hugs & Blessings,