Friday, March 26, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

No, it's not a New Year I speak of, nor was it all that old. It's my microwave. It is hard to believe, but we have not been in our new house 3 years until October 1.All of our appliances were bought new at the same time, and our microwave has bit the dust already.We never purchase the extended warranty on anything(well, maybe I did on my computer once),so it was not covered in anyway for repairs. I did some calling around yesterday, to see if there was anyone who fixes microwaves, and got no satisfaction at all. My cousin's husband runs a stove and appliance parts house in town, so I called him. He said a new part would most likely run about $65. and the labor would be as much again, so my best bet would be to scrap the microwave and buy a new one.I called Home Depot, where we purchased the original one, and they no longer have the model we had.It was just as well, since the brand we had, Pop hates. He says he has had problems with that brand his entire life. We only bought it, because it matched all of our other appliances at the time, and they were the color he wanted.They do make pretty appliances.But I guess that's the clincher. You'll be drawn in by the look and not the quality of the product and they know it. I've said it before. Those marketing people know their stuff.

This is the old one we just took out.

This is the new one we got to replace it .

After all was said and done, we found out that a close neighbor repairs microwaves, so it is still a possibility that we have it repaired to go in the basement. That might not be so bad. It is so hard to trash something that still looks that good.
It is one that is made to fit under the cabinets, so we may have to build a housing for it, if we do,fix and keep it.

I made a trip to town today with my sister to look at counter tops for the basement and ran across a really good deal on a counter and top and all, so I made arrangements to get it in a week or two.Then, on to the carpet store where I found a remnant of carpet that should fit my craft/bedroom perfectly. I'll pick it up when I pick up the counter.I am so excited about them both. I now have to rethink my craft room once more. I had not planned on getting the carpet this year.Plans change so quickly with the least notice around here.You have to be ready for anything.
We've had a little rain, plus it's been quite cool, so I didn't have so much outside work to do today. It worked out nicely. Both mine and Pop's hands are swollen and red from shoving all those tobacco stalks into the chipper shredder. I was ready for a break, but we did end up with loads of shredded stalks. We'll use them around the yard on bare spots to help when the new grass comes up this spring and summer. It'll keep the ground moist long enough for the new seedlings to take hold, and give them a little more nutrition,too.They will help with those eroding hillsides, too.Well, enough for tonight. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Spring flowers, as we are. This is my favorite time of the year.Until my next post,Happy Blogging!


  1. hi Sue, nothing last very long any more, my microwave is on the blink, and need to get it fix, I have the oven and microwave that is one piece, and that was a big mistakes. who is it that work on them, maybe I could get him to work on mine, i would really like to get it fix. I never did get my book, I have call and email them, all thy would say is, they have to check with the printers, this have been going on for over a week, as of yesterday they still told me the same story. I told them to either send me another book or my money back, but don't think that done any good, guess I'll be patience a little longer. have a good day!

  2. Sorry to hear about the confusion on your book. I have enjoyed mine so much. The mail carrier took it home with him for his wife to see, and now a friend from E'town has it for his wife to see. It has really been a hit to my family and friends.Everyone who has seen it is as excited about it as I have been.Quinn(I think that's how you spell his name) is the repairman for the microwave.i thought he had gotten out of that, but now folks are saying that he's still into appliance repairs.