Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Cup Cupboard (continued)

I am working on my cupboard a little each day, when I get a few minutes free. I had originally thought my base cabinet I ordered, would take awhile, but he called yesterday and it is ready for pick up. I plan to get it and my rug both at the same time. I don't go to town that often, so I like to 'kill 2 birds with one stone'. I may even do a little grocery shopping while I'm out.I keep a list handy of things I stumble across that I'm out of. That way, when either of us is in town, we can pick those items up.I hope to have the sisters help today with the rug. It is 15'X15.5', so it would be a hard job for one.With a little help, hopefully I can get it down. I had not planned to get the rug so soon, so I'll need to clear out my craft/bedroom to put it down.(That will take awhile.)I had him to pick up a couple of gallons of paint when he was in town yesterday, for the out buildings, plus the yard needs mowing, so it looks like my indoor work will come to a screeching halt any day now, or it will slow down to a snail's pace, at the least.No matter,I am in no rush to get these things done.If company comes anyway soon, we have enough bed space for them. They will understand,better than some, that "Rome wasn't built in a day."

I am excited about my cupboard. I hope it works out like I plan. I've said it before,the way I see things in my mind and the end product don't always match, but it should be close.Pop keeps asking me where I plan to put this monstrosity I'm building.I think he is worried I will put it upstairs in the main part of the house. He has no appreciation of old timey things intermingled with our nicer oak furniture.Sometimes I can slip one of my ideas into the mix, and he never notices, but this being so big, it is doubtful that would ever happen. The basement living room is a fine place for it, or maybe even the kitchenette down there. I'll have to try it in different places to see where I like it best.The basement is gradually looking livable like the rest of the house. I can't wait to put down some kind of floor cover over the concrete floor. I'll probably go with old style tile. I'm still studying about that.And maybe an area rug under the table.The choices are endless, but I'm thinking and planning and fixing up as I go.I figure the more of the basement area I fix up to be nice like the rest of the house, the less space there will be to junk up like most basements. We'll just have to find somewhere else to let 'occasional use stuff' collect.

Not a lot to blog about today, so until my next post, Happy Blogging.

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