Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All in a Day's Work!

Today was rather busy around our house. The son-in-law,Marc, came by to add a few more switches and plugs in our basement.I am so glad to have that done, but I know he would rather be spending his free moments with his new hobby. He has taken up bee-keeping.I have a few shots of him in his new role.(He is a brave man.)
I do appreciate him putting me first on his list of 'things to do' today. I hate running more lights than necessary. The electric bill is forever on my mind. It is a hard job to keep it down as low as possible, with all the goings on around here. It is a real challenge,but now, hopefully, with the ability to use fewer lights now when I am down there working, it should improve.Before I started fixing the basement up to look more like the rest of the house, you could flip one switch and light up 1/2 the basement at once, but now I have the capability of turning on one room at a time.I like that better.
While Marc was doing the wiring, I reworked an old rabbit cage that we have had around here for the better part of 30 years. Parts of it had deteriorated so bad I had to replace several boards and sections of the wire mesh.It has been used for baby chicks, setting hens,and rabbits.All of that was before we got the grand kids. Now We are getting some of these same things, just so the grand kids can have the experience of caring for them.I think I did an excellent job, if I do say so myself. I boxed in the bottom around the legs to catch the droppings. They are great on my flowers, and in my compost heap.
I added another 2 sections of wire fencing to my chicken pen this morning. They love the white clover so. I feel so sorry for them when they run out of it. I keep expanding the pen.The fencing I am using is in sections.Roughly 6 X 10 feet. It is fairly stiff, but lightweight, so I can move it around when and wherever needed. It's working great that way.Less grass to mow. More eggs.
I mowed the larger section of the yard. It's probably equaled to half my total yard. I break it up in sections when I mow. That way it is not such a big job at once. I have time left to do some trimming as I go.And there is a lot of trimming. It gets out of hands most of the time, but I do try to keep it as neat as possible right around the house.I have felt for years that you can judge the rest of a person's life by their yard.I know it's a crazy idea, but I have always felt that way, just as I always thought you can judge a woman by the way her husband dresses. Another job I have let fall by the wayside, as I get older.I use to polish his boots, iron his shirts and crease his jeans, but since I have got older and retired, I have twice the duties I had when I was younger and working public work, so he has to wear wash and wear everything. And as for the boots, he's on his own with them, too.I'm lucky if I get my own polished.

I'm getting behind on my posting, so I'll close this one here. Catch you another day.

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