Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Woman's Work is Never Done....

I have been working in the yard a bit the last few days, trimming around some of the beds. I have planted a few things, but we don't plan to have as much garden as usual. We can get most anything we need a lot of like tomatoes or green beans or strawberries, from the Amish. They sell their produce really reasonable.

I did paint some on my 2 sheds lately. I'd try to do a little painting every now and then, so it won't seem so much like work. Heaven knows, when the growing season starts, there is plenty to keep in check on this 5 acres.I just dread the hot days ahead.That's when I will enjoy being in my basement, working or otherwise. It is usually cool there most days.
The flowers are all blooming. It is such a joy to be out in the yard. I don't think I'll put out as many annuals this year as usual. It is so hot here through the main part of the summer. it gets desertlike. I never have watered a lot, especially flowers. I feel if they can't survive these temperatures, I'll just try to find other plants that can. I don't like being a slave to my house, and I am beginning to feel that way about my plants. I don't need any needy plants.

And....another unexpected job arose today. The Martins are still checking things out trying to decide whether or not to move into our site. Evidentally they are looking for the old house we had up for the last several years. It was a regular Martin birdhouse with multiple apartments. We took it down last Fall to clean and paint it, and decided not to put it up this Spring.We opted for the gourds instead hoping they would get better results. The Martins have been visiting for several days now, but not staying. They were flying all around the site of the old house that we took down, so I decided to put the old house back up, thinking they have finally decided to use it. I painted it to match the house and all the other out buildings.I hope they aren't partial to white,the original color.

Now the problem is letting the wind die down enough to get it up on the 30 foot pole we had it on last year. The pole holds a huge CB antenna,also, which we thought might be keeping the Martins from moving into our house.We kept the antenna after the house fire, thinking we might get back into CBing.Since the Martins were flying all around that particular spot today, I assume they are looking for the old house to be there.
So another day in my ife has been documented.Stay tuned for another day at a later date.Happy Spring!


  1. Everything looks so pretty...love all the white and blue.

    And it's good to hear the on going saga of the Purple Martins...will they stay or will they move on and continue looking...I wish I could tell them to come on in...stay awhile...you'll love it here!!

    Have you set things around for them to make their nest of? I looked for nesting info and found this:

    Kent Justus, of Mt. Vernon, AR, says “I highly recommend building a nest pad approximately 1-2" thick of materials that martins would naturally use to construct their nest such as dry pine needles or straw, dry leaves, small pieces of bark, or short twigs. And to really make this "nest" attractive, smear a little wet mud on the BOTTOM OUTSIDE edge of the entrance hole, and put liquid mud into a paper cup and pour some INTO the INSIDE of the entrance hole to replicate the mud "dam" that martins will build in the fronts of their nest.

    Sounds like a bit of work but if done right you only have to do it once because if they come to the house when you do this then they will come back every year...right? I know how much you want them to come...I hope they do.
    Until later...V

  2. I'll try anything once.....(teehee).I guess you've heard me tell the story about Carmen Lea and that line.I took my gourds down and put them up on the pole where the apartment house was last year. I plan to put the house back up as soon as Pop feels like helping me. He is still upchucking his meals tonight.I hope this is just a 24 hr. virus, or he may have to try out the new doctor whether he wants to or not.

  3. LOOKING GOOD! Wish I had some of your get up and go!hope pop feels better soon, it no fun being sick. nightie nite.