Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm as Busy as a Bee!

(I hope you can see the bee on the flowers.)The weather has been great for the last few days. I have concentrated on the yard work and things that need attention outdoors. The temperatures have been excellent for that. I little cool at times, but it usually warms up a little through the day. Not too hot either. I went to the neighboring green house and got myself a flat of annuals and 32 more tomatoes.I had already gotten 8 tomatoes from her and gave Mom 2 of them.We should be good on tomatoes, but then that depends on a lot of circumstances. Varmints, dogs, cutworms,you know the usual plight for tomatoes.I placed them closer to the water source this year.In this case, it's a rain barrel, placed at the garage drip line. My plan is to make manure tea and use a soaker hose at times.If bad comes to worse,I plan to concentrate on one row,in hopes of getting enough tomatoes to can plenty for Pop's nightly cornbread and tomatoes ritual.I can a few other things, but as of the last several years, we buy a bushel of green beans, and maybe 2 or 3 gallon of strawberries from the Amish.I love to grow some things, but for the most part, I enjoy growing something new each year for the novelty of it, more or less. This year, I will be trying spaghetti squash.
I spent the day doing a lot of little odd jobs around the property. I started a temporary fence for the goats. I am letting some of the back yard grow up a little for them to graze. We have too much property to fence it in completely, since we are not making a living farming. We keep the extra four acres mainly to keep folks from building more houses right in our front door.It would be my dream to do something with the property, but Pop chooses not to. We just keep it mowed and let the kids play on it with their four wheelers.I did mention to him that I would like to plant fruit trees on it. He kinda thought that would be OK, but I'll bet he was thinking to himself that I would never get to it anyway.We'll see what happens with that.
I spent a big part of the day potting up the flowers I got from Martha's Greenhouse.That reminds me, I need to paint her another sign. I painted one for her yard a couple of years ago, and I saw it had deteriorated away.
The grandson was with me the day I got the flowers and tomatoes, so I let him choose the flowers. I think he goes by color. I usually choose things I know will withstand the heat and dry weather.We'll see what happens. I got begonias, petunias, scarlet sage, portulaca,vinca,impatiens. I don't think I missed any. I tried planting them in boxes and hanging baskets this time. I potted several kinds in each pot and added a few marigold seeds to each pot "just in case".
I put up another Martin birdhouse. Six holes.They are still dropping by, checking things out, but none have offered to move in and stay.It is beyond me why they won't stay. I keep hoping.So goes another day. Till my next post. Stay tuned.

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