Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is It Possible To Amaze One's Self?

Yes, Vicki, I amaze myself sometimes. I started writing a blog story here lately, but felt I might be dragging others down, so I deleted it. It was about the fact that I have days when my energy level is nil and I feel I simply must lie down. I think about those days again when I am feeling great, and wonder if it might be medical or just days when I don't get enough sunlight.You know they say that is a factor, as is the weather and season.All play a big part in your energy level.Pollen has been really bad. I haven't been bothered with it as much as some folks around here.Mary and Richard have it bad. They live among all those pines, you know.The ice storm took most of them down in her yard, but the woods behind her cause her a lot of grief this time of the year.
We've had a beautiful Spring so far. The yard work has had to take priority over all else, and with the rain we've had lately, it will be getting ahead of me, if we don't get a break soon, so I can mow.I don't want to complain about the rain though, even though it has been really heavy at times during the last few days. There was quite a bit of wind damage about 5-10 miles up the road from us, during this storm.Steve, next door, lost his barn roof a few weeks ago with another bad wind we had here.Tornadoes are such a threat in our area. They don't care what season it is either. It seems they come anytime,anymore.
Mary's 2 goats did have their babies.Between the 2, they had 3 babies.I took a few pictures, but they are not very clear. The mothers want to keep them close and away from people, it seems.
The baby chicks are growing fast. Already making feathers. It amazes John and Leah to see them change from one visit to the next.Terry's family has been in for about 3 days, and his 2 step-sons came home with John and Leah from the dinner at Mom's. They love the country life and all that goes on around here. I try to give them some kind of crafts to do while they're here.They really enjoy that.Dakota especially. Michia(not sure of the spelling)is very quiet. He enjoys talking to both Pop and I, but he prefers to stay close and talk to Pop.
I put a lot of flowers in pots this time. With the hot dry summers here, I felt I might be able to keep a little color close to the house where I can see it. The iris are in bloom now.Tulips are all gone.Hostas are doing great, as are lots of my plants with this rain.The beds are overflowing with growth.If only we could bottle a little of it for later.
With the rain, I have had a chance to do some 'indoor things' which I had been 'putting on hold'for awhile. I work on Richard's quilt for awhile, until my fingers start to go numb, then I jump off to my 'cup cupboard'.
I have yet to finish it, and as you can see, my cups are waiting patiently to move into their new home. Pop got me this new compressor and nail gun at the auction to use in my small building projects.It shoots brads and staples. Boy, was it handy in putting the shelves in my cup cupboard.
I did some rearranging in the basement and worked down there most of the day.I don't mind being down there at all, now that it looks more inviting.John told me the other day, "Now Meemaw, if we just had some food down here." I opened the cabinets to show him, we did have food down there. I had just gone to the grocery the day before,and that is as far as they got.Oh yes, he wants to call the living room, where the stove is,our den. He has a den at his house.I got this set at the auction, also. I didn't really need them, but they were a steal. All three pieces for $46. I could no where near make them for that.I will put a coat of clear shellac on them eventually, but for now, I am using them for coffee drinkers when they visit the basement to see what I've done to it lately.(They are hinged, and the chair part folds back to expose a storage compartment in the lower part of the seat.)
I have some beautiful oak panels left from our cabinets upstairs, and I will be putting them on the new cabinets to make them really look professional.I am constantly tweeking things downstairs, so stay tuned. You never know what I will be doing next. I think I have amazed Pop, although he would never let on.Dragging a compliment out of him is like 'pulling hen's teeth', but when visitors drop by, he always has them to check out my basement.He must be a little bit proud,anyway.I expanded my goat pen just a little this morning. They have eaten the grass and weeds pretty low in the pen I've had them in all winter. They were as happy to get to the fresh new grass and weeds as I was for them to get to them.They are doing their job well.I started this post last night, but waited until today to get a few pictures. I mowed the grass as soon as the grass dried off a bit today and got it all finished. Pop came in about the time I was finishing up and mowed the steepest banks for me.While we were in the yard, about 15 Martins started swirling over our heads. It was delightful yet a bit scary, too.You know, "The Birds". They did that a few times. That many must be a sign of some kind, that they are going to move in. Oh I do hope so. I am so anxious for them to stay. Will keep you posted about all of the above , as usual. Time to go spend time with the coffee drinkers in Pop's garage. Catch you in another post. Love you,Vicki! And Happy Blogging to Everyone Out there in BlogLand.

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  1. Hi sue ,enjoyed your blog, your right the rain that we have been getting is makeing the grass and weeds grow, I just got started on my yard last week and I still got alot to do. Blackberry bushes are doing real good... Hope you bird stay for you, I know you have been trying to get them to stay so maybe they will.Basement looks like it is going good also, there is alway something to do and be busy at..... Have a good night.