Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New Bed

I moved the older cherry bedroom suit to my newly set up bedroom/craft room in the basement, so we had to purchase a new bed for the guest room. I already have a chest of drawers to use in that room, and I didn't want to fill the room too full with furniture. The desk and computer are set up in that room as well.Pop doesn't want to move the computer right now since it will involve moving some wiring, so I'll leave it as is for now.
I got this rug at the auction tonight. I think I got a deal on it. $20. I will do some rearranging in the near future and more to the floor, but for now it will do just fine under or feet.
Not much happening here today. Too cool to do much outside, so I stayed in and cleaned a little more, and set up my new bed. I mowed a section of the yard later today, then went to the auction. No grandchildren today. I spent the day with Mom yesterday. Took her a flat of flowers, a few tomato plants, and a 5 gallon bucket of rich dirt. We refilled her flower pots and set out all the flowers and tomatoes I had picked up at a neighbor's greenhouse near my home for her.She was so tickled to get that done. We went to Walmart and picked up a few items. Mom got 2 gallon of paint. She loves to keep things painted and looking fresh.All her neighbors brag on her for keeping her yard so neat all the time.That makes her really proud.We fear that we may get another night or two of frost, so we nestled the flower boxes under her bushes until the danger passes. Hopefully after this weekend, the danger of frost will be over.My baby chicks are growing. They are starting to make wing feathers. The grand children will be here tomorrow. They both enjoy just sitting and holding the chicks.They are a little frightened of them. I try to tell them, there is no way those little chicks could hurt them, but they think they might peck or do their business on them.City kids, you know. That's why I like to give them some exposure to farm living. So they won't be so squeamish about such things.It's bedtime. We will try out the new bed tonight. We may like it better than our usual bed. I hope not. The new one is only a double. Our usual bed is a queen and we need all the space we can get. So until my next blog,"Bonsoir".

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  1. Hi sue , I like your new header, you are good! Your bed is pretty, and the rug was a good buy, it looks like your basement is comming togather real good.It just take time to get everything like we want it. The blackberry brair are doing real good ,having to kept them waters. Well you have a great day! connie