Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Slight Detour

I know I have been going on so,about my craft room, forever, but other unexpected and unpredictable tasks have caused me to take a slight detour from my original plan.I have a bad habit of tiring from one job and jumping off to another. I feel that keeps me from getting bored to tears with any one project.When I have rested my eyes, or muscles,or back, or whatever is tiring from any particular job, then I move on to something more calming and let my body rest where needed.Whenever I sew or do anything that requires tilting my head forward, I have a pinched nerve in my neck and back that causes my hands to go numb. I know this, so therefore, I just have to adjust my tasks to make things better.I feel that's better than surgery. It works fairly well for me, anyway.But nevertheless, I have started working in the yard, since Spring has arrived and everything is growing like crazy.I have been mowing,weeding, and trimming,the yard and my many many flowerbeds.I always like to rearrange a few flowers, too, at this time. I know it is not the best time to do that, but it seems I can visualize things a little better, if I do it in the Spring.And I do realize I take a greater risk of plants dying, when they are moved now. As of late,I have been working with the kitchen part of the basement, and I have gotten so excited over it, I can't bring myself back to the craft room. I have the rug down in there and a bed set up, just in case it's needed before I finish everything completely, but that's as far as I've gotten with it.I had some fronts made for all my existing cabinets. Some I have made, and some that we salvaged from the housefire. I had one base cabinet made totally, and I think that was what got the ball rolling for me in that section of the basement. I decided I wanted it all to match as much as possible.It is coming along nicely. I haven't made any decisions on the floor yet, but I am constantly thinking about what I'll do with it, when the time comes.

Another entry I never posted. It's going as is, also.Later!

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  1. Your on a roll, making of a new book, and it will be a good book.My flower bed is in need of some weeding and mulch, have not got to them yet. Later Have a good night.