Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh No, Not My Blankie!

This is my older sister,Mary of "Nail in My Pocket"and her youngest grandson.Several years ago, Mary had a close friend with whom she spent a lot of time with, and her friend had left several precious family possessions there at Mary's home. Just recently, Mary contacted one of the friend's family to come and get those items, since she was needing the space.The friend's sister came, and one of the first things she wanted was her grandmother's quilt. In the last 10 years Mary had the quilt draped over the sofa in her living room, and her grandson had grown accustomed to the quilt being there for his daily nap.When the sister gathered up the family's possessions and left with the quilt, Richard was devastated. Grandma Mary had no choice but to explain to him how the quilt happened to be in her home, and it was only fair to let them have it back to remember their grandmother.She tried to comfort him by telling him that his Great grandmother could make him another one. Well, that being my Mom, too, we knew that her eyesight was failing fast, and knew she would not be able to make another quilt, but then all on his own, Richard suggested that Aunt Sue make him a quilt. Of course, I was delighted that he thought of me.So I will be making Richard a quilt in the next few days. Thankfully, I have a top already made, so it should not take too long to finish it. I only hope he will learn to cherish it as he did the other quilt.

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