Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Pet Dies

I purchased my 22 quail, on April 16 of this year. I lost one early on.The hens began laying on May 23. I have worked with the birds every day since bringing them home and, like any other pet,you get attached.We have been doing a bit of running here lately,taking care of business, and I must confess, I had not been able to spend the time with my birds that I usually do. I do check their feed and water a few times during the hot, hot days, but as for checking to see if each and every bird is doing well, I did not.Well, today when I checked the food and water, I found one of my largest quail,dead from having it's head hung on a wire as he had apparently,attempted to reach through the wire mesh fencing,and catch a bug. At least, I assume that is what he was doing. I have seen them do that before.They love bugs.As we all know, things like this happen under the best of conditions.That I know,but just thinking about the little bird,hanging there, in all that heat, with no water,waiting and hoping someone would come soon, and find him and help him get untangled,makes me nauseous.He depended totally on me for his safety and well being, and I let him down.I know I won't sleep tonight for thinking of his horrible death.Why do some of us feel so much pain from such occurrences, and others could care less?

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  1. i can answer for myself sue, some birds have a certain amount of intelligence as in parrots or homing pigeons etc, but on the whole, "do not think" as in human terms, so the bird wasnt sitting there thinking why hasnt sue rescued me. Yes its sad youve lost something you were fond of but it didnt "suffer" as in human terms, its body would have shut down quietly.