Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Hopping can be fun and helpful.

When I have a few minutes for myself, I blog hop.I usually check out blogs listed on the sidebars of my regular blogger friends. If my friends enjoy their blog, I feel I will too. Today I was reviewing some of my own followings and their past posts,etc.I stumbled across a very good post by one of them,although I found many.This post offers a lot of great advice to new bloggers, especially those who may get discouraged quickly. I love blogging, and I feel others will enjoy it as much as I do,if only they would give it a try. I have friends and family, who need a caring ear occasionally,but refuse to use this venue and forum. I have found it to be a great comfort to me at various times. I can share my joy, my frustrations, my excitement.and even my problems, if I choose to do so. There are many great folks who are following, that are great listeners and give wonderful advice, should you choose to consider it.You can get lots of great ideas on a variety of subjects. With any particular task you may be undertaking, there are folks out there who have been there and done that, and are willing to share their experiences,whether they be good or bad. That's one way to learn,from the mistakes of others.The link that I have posted was a great read, and could be very helpful to beginning bloggers.Patience and persistence is the key.This particular blog is by Tami Marie at Things We Find Inside.


  1. thats good advice in there sue. I recently checked one of my followers whom didnt have a blog when she started following me, or i couldnt find one, now find she has a wonderful blog at
    go have a look if you havent been before.

  2. Still wish Bev would start a blog of her own...I keep trying!

    She has so many of the same interest as you and makes so many things. I would love to see her sharing all she does.

    I agree on how great it is. I used to have a few pen pals that I've lost touch if only they would start blogging too.

    until later...V