Sunday, August 28, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Today is Carmen's birthday, and I told her I would make her some fried apple pies, since she was not able to attend the family reunion on Sunday, and didn't get a single pie.Who knew they would be such a hit. After Pop and I returned for our usual Sunday morning breakfast, I tackled another batch. Two to be exact. One can of biscuits is one batch of ten, and I knew they would devour one can in a heartbeat,so I made two. It doesn't take that long at all,once you get into it.It takes longer to get everything out and ready, and then the cleanup,that takes a few minutes,too.Plus, I had to cook down a quart of apple sauce to make my filling. If you remember, I am not drying any apples.They'll get apple butter filling and be happy.We'll need to run by Mom's before we go to the Birthday Do, so I'll leave a few of the pies for her.She'll have them with her morning coffee.She eats like a bird, but I think she'll enjoy the pies.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sue, I never thought of biscuits as the dough, I always make pie crust.
    Live & learn! Duh!!!