Saturday, August 13, 2011

Experimenting Again!

This time I am experimenting with candle making.As I have mentioned earlier, I ordered a few essential oils hoping to come up with something close to the fragrance Terry, over at Urania's Inspirations,uses in my favorite soaps.Terry has her own soap company,Blue Moon Soap Company, and I have been ordering a few items from her. I love her fragrances, and she has so many. I managed to get a close match in a bottle of inexpensive liquid bath soap, so maybe I will get lucky and hit on a close version in a candle fragrance.Wouldn't that be great?

I had a blue mason jar filled with orange candle wax, which I have had for 20 plus years,but I never really cared for the candle that much. Today I decided to melt the wax and take it out of the blue mason jar so I could use the jar as a salt shaker.That gave me the idea to experiment with adding my new oils to the wax, in hopes of coming up with a fragrance similar to Terry's soap that I love so well. I have so little to do, I needed another craft idea.(lol)I have it in the fridge, at the moment, setting up in  the bottom half of a cola can. If it works out like I hope it will, I may come up with a different plan for my candle making procedures,but for now this method is not costing me anything to try it.

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