Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This and That!

I tried my hand with the fried apple pies again. This time Pop brought home several sizes of canned biscuits and frozen biscuits for me to try. The ones we normally use were just too small. I used the jumbo size biscuits this time, and they made a much bigger pie. More the size of what we were all use to.They are about 1/2 the size of a dinner plate.Now that's what I call a fried apple pie.We'll be having the oldest daughter's Birthday-Do here tomorrow and the pies are my gift to her.  I'll probably make her 15 or so small ones like I did the younger daughter this past week for her birthday.They usually compare notes to make sure one wasn't treated better than the other. Pop says they are joking, but sometimes they get carried away with their jokes, and feelings get hurt.The girls and Pop have a different sense of humor.And sometimes by different, I really mean strange.

I spent part of the day making this pretty little casserole hot pad. I didn't have enough of the pretty flowered fabric to make two hot pads, so I decided to make one long one. I will work nicely under a casserole dish.
I have been on a roll making these little hot pads. I love working with my fabrics.Mixing and matching the patterns and colors.I really need to save this project for winter, but with the drought, and no grass to mow, I needed something to keep me busy, and cleaning is not my favorite past time,although I do need to do a lot of that. Pop has mentioned a time or two,the railings need painting.We have a wrap around porch on three sides of the house with white railings all around.The windows need cleaning.I have about 15 huge windows, if we count the glass doors.The vinyl siding needs washing down, and the porch floor need refinishing.And I am usually in charge of getting all of that done. I'm not as young as I once was, and I'm moving a little slower at times,so it may all get done, and then again, it may not.

 We made the rounds and visited the family members who were  not able to attend the family reunion this past Sunday.I had taken my books and my hot pads to show and tell and my Aunt chose this pretty set of hot pads as her favorite, so I finished it up last night and will get that in the mail to her this week. I try to take Mom around at least once a year to visit a few of the family she has not seen  for awhile. Several of the daughters try to go along, and that makes for a really nice day for us all. We stop and eat breakfast and lunch out, and drive around the country, looking things over to see how much has changed since our childhood days. It's always a fun day for us all.We were really tired after our little trip, but it was loads of fun for all.


  1. Hi Sue, my thoughts are....
    Well, if you want to sew, then sew.
    The windows, who cares, the railings, same answer. (maybe pops or the girls could do those chores?)
    Right now I have a sink full of dishes, dog hair that needs to be swept up, laundry to be done, canning to do...bla,bla,bla!
    And a new apron that needs to be posted about,Guess which one I'm gonna do?

    Hope you do what you want too....

  2. You can never have enough of those pads... so why do i only have 6...

    And those apple pies look great! I have no idea what you mean with biscuits but the looks are good!

    Happy birthday with your daughter!

  3. I forget that everyone is not familiar with many of the terms we use here. Sorry. Here is a link to read about our Biscuit.

    We can make them home made or buy them sealed in cans,ready to bake.Many of the older folks frown on using canned biscuits, but my husband doesn't mind at all. Home made biscuits are a special treat in this country anymore.It is almost a dying art.

  4. Sue, we get the frozen biscuits and they taste just like home-made. The directions say bake 20 minutes at 350 - 400 degrees. We pull them straight from the freezer and put them on a cookie sheet. They rarely have time to cool before they are all gone!! Would be great for you and Pops, if you like biscuits.

    I bought a small book recently called "The Little Book of Biscuits" and its full of what we call cookies.

    I looked it up on the internet and in the UK they call cookies -- biscuits. I followed a recipe for scones once and they turned out to be our "biscuits."

    Either way there's nothing like a cup of hot tea milk to go along with scones/biscuits with orange marmalade or jam/jelly of some kind.

    Makes you look forward to the "afternoon tea!"

    Haven't tried the fried pies yet...will have to soon.

    Take care.