Friday, August 12, 2011

In response to Tigeriffic's Post

(In response to Tiggerific's post under Birds in Nature)
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Sorry to hear of your dilemma with child management and medical issues, but I am glad to hear there are others in this world who have similar problems to ours. We struggle with the child care arrangements, too. Our youngest is an LPN but she is taking more college to be a Nurse Practioner.I think that's the title.Her hubby is an EMT, plus he is very active in their local volunteer fire department.We have one other daughter,who has no children,and helps tremendously with the the two grand kids,but with school being back in session,she will be teaching some now,but she is only a substitute, at the moment. Not sure if she will get a full time teaching job any way soon or not, with the economy being in such a mess.Meanwhile, she helps quite a bit with the kids.One good thing though. The parents have moved the children from town to the school right across the street from their home. You would think that was perfect, but being the age the kids are, someone must be there to pick the kids up at the school door each day, since the parents schedules are so unpredictable. Their Mom is working on a new plan for their care after school each day as we speak.We are ten miles from their home and school, so it is a bit unhandy for us to go on a moments notice, and that's if she can get to us with enough notice.It is a juggling act and they are not even in a divorce situation (yet! and,like most, we are hoping it never comes to that.)

As for the medical things, we have have been there and done that.We do love to keep on top of our medical issues, and it can be a bit much doing just that. I will be making my appointment for a Mammogram this next few days.I accidentally forgot to schedule one for last year, and time flies by so quickly.I had no idea, I had failed to do that until my insurance man and I were filling out some forms requiring a copy of my last test.

Pop has sugar and cholesterol, and his blood pressure runs a bit too high, so he is on medicines for those.He had his yearly stomach abdominal aneurysm check up this past week, and there was no change.Thank you,Jesus.He does have a hernia, but the doctor says to simply watch it close for any great change. Then he had the basil cell carcinoma removed from his ear. Now that requires him to get a bi-yearly checkup for other possible skin cancers,which in reality, we all should do.

We are both in fairly good health for our age, other than the typical complaints. We try to keep our weight down, although we are both pretty healthy specimens,if you get my drift.We are both tall, but we have both drifted over that 200 mark a bit,both neither of us are sloppy fat.Just in the obese range according to all of the medical charts.We are eating better with all of the garden produce that we have raised and have access to.If Pop could stay away from the cornbread and potatoes. Those are his two main weaknesses.Both are no-no's for him,with his sugar, and they might as well be for me. They make me fat.

We are both fairly active. One of us, more than the other(lol) but that helps in the weight department.Wood cutting season is upon us, so he will be more active during that time.We will continue to burn wood for our supplemental heat as long as he is able and,I'm sure, that will not be much longer.Wood burning has it's pros and cons,and Pop only see the pros, but I would love to make a few minor changes, if I were making the decisions regarding our wood burning setup.Women tend to see things a bit differently,since they are the ones who must clean up the mess.

I suppose we all are or will be facing some of the same issues regarding our health, so it is good to be able to share our experiences with others. It's a great help to see what other are doing to help themselves, and hopefully, we can learn a bit from their experiences.Good health is a gift that I wish for all.

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  1. Yep you are absolutely right! GOod health is a gift!

    Hope you have a good weekend!