Saturday, August 13, 2011

Patience and Determination

Terry, you can stop looking now! I fixed up a set of salt and pepper shakers from a couple of pint Mason jars I already had in my collection of goodies.

I was short on Patience, or I wouldn't have ordered the small set of salt and pepper shakers. Not only were they too small, but the price of the shakers and the postage was ridiculously high. However, I did have lots of Determination to find and assemble this set and finish the project for today's post.

One of the jars I used was a candle, and the other was on a bubble gum dispenser. I will definitely need to replace the one on the gum dispenser, but the candle has been around for years and was not one of my favorite collectibles. I can always reuse the wax for another project later.My older sister,Mary, of Nails in my Pocket ,suggested I use these type jars. I don't know why the thought of using them, had never crossed my mind,since I do have several of the old blue Mason Jars of all sizes and styles. Nevertheless, I took the glass from inside of the zinc tops, and scrubbed them up good, and put a rubber ring inside of both lids. Wallah! I have a large set of salt and pepper shakers. I am just waiting to see now,what Pop will have to say about them. I hope this set is large enough to suit him this time.


  1. So far, he seems to like them,although he did drill more holes in the lids. I only had three small holes in each shaker.Now there are six in each.

  2. Tell him, that I said he dosen't need the salt. Sue your shakers turn out cute.!!!

  3. my lady friend who is selling her collection has hundreds sue, some silver quails, lots of chooks and ducks, fish, bears, people, piggies, an enormous collection, im allowed to choose a pair to send to you, shall i take a photo of her display cabinets