Sunday, August 14, 2011

How about this,Brendie?

Brendie, my sister and brother are thinking about building a greenhouse of sorts, and I think  this is something like what they have in mind.The arches are black plastic pipe.They will attach them to the side of an existing  shed on one end, and anchor them to the ground, on the other. Most men can figure out a way to attach, support and brace them. My sister has a plan,but everyone has their own ideas.Possibly, you and Glen could build something on this order until you can get your operation up and going good, then expand or rework it later,as needed.

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  1. thanks sue, ive been looking at lean-to designs today. weve got plenty of pvc pipe that glen has "collected" lol, there is an auction on line at the moment for 100metres of plastic for 40 dollars, so watching that.
    ps weve just had hail! and its snowing in the hills brrrrr