Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Getting Anxious

I'm getting anxious to get started with my winter crafts. This is usually one of the things I do when the weather is too bad to do anything outdoors.Well, the weather has been too bad. Not cold, like it usually is when I start my winter crafts, but hot and dry. To dry for the grass or the garden to grow, and they are usually my main two jobs that occupy my time this time of the year.My late beans are trying to make, but with no rain, it's going to be iffy as to whether they do or not. I planted them late, and we really didn't need any more green beans,but since we had just learned about the Roma beans and loved them so, I thought I would take a chance on a row or two, even though it was a little late in the season.

I have been on a roll with the hot pads, here lately. I love fabric, and with these small hot pad projects, I can see results quickly, plus I get to mix and match a lot of my pretty fabrics.I do enjoy that part. I should have,if I had gone to college,mastered in fashion design of some sort. I love the mixing and matching aspect of my fabrics. Working with fabric and the like,I could have worked in various fields.I'm pretty sure it's the fabric that draws me anyway, or possibly, it could be the colors. I love working with colors. I love to paint anything,rather than to stain it.I do like the stained and varnished look,too, but if I had to choose, the paint would win. I am drawn to things painted on canvas. So many times I have stopped to admire a painted picture of flowers.They stop me in my tracks when in a consignment store.I have even purchased paintings of flowers and a few other things. It's really strange the draw they have on me.I love tole painting. I simply have so many other things I want to do, I haven't given it the time needed to perfect my painting.I had better get to it soon though. I think I have accumulated about 600 bottles of paint in hopes if getting to it in the near future.
I have been spending a little time during this drought, in the basement,too,building,painting and organizing  more shelving for my crafts,canning jars,etc.It's not been so bad when I know there's nothing I can possibly do outside. Normally, I could not force myself to work in the basement, this time of the year.

Just a quick note about Mams. That's Pop's ex-wife, the grandmother of our two grandchildren and Mother of my two step daughters. She had surgery about a month ago to correct several large hernias, and has gone down hill ever since. She got an infection in the open site, and had to return to the hospital. They corrected that, supposedly, and sent her home. Last night she was taken back to the hospital, and is now in CCU,not doing good at all. They are saying now that she has a lot of fluid retention, and it could possibly be Congestive Heart Failure.  Mams is only 66,but things are not looking too good with her at the moment.Let us keep her in our thoughts and prayers.No matter what has happened in the past,she is the mother of my two step daughters, and we wish her well.

On another note,Vicki has been keeping in touch with the family, since she lives in North Carolina, and so far, all is well with her and her family.Hurricane Irene is taking her time moving up the coast. She has been down graded to a category 1, but we all know,the weather is not an exact science, so we keep watching the news and hoping for the best for all involved.They had just been through the scare over the earthquake, so I'm sure their nerves are a bit frayed.Our thoughts and prayers are with them, too.

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