Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Could The Blame Lie Here!

I got a note from my Sister Vicki,of  My Favorite Things, this morning, and she seems to be feeling much better at the moment. She just recently take a shot which was suppose to relieve some of the pain she had been enduring for quite a while.
Well,I had no shot and I have been having a really good morning myself. No aches and pains to speak of, even though I have been suffering for days with my hips and back. I have come to the conclusion,that  the weather is playing a big part in my problems. I have noticed it before. When the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure changes, so do my complaints. It may take some more investigation, but I am sure the fix for many of my ailments lies in the weather.I can usually fix most of my problems with a little experimentation,so now, if I could only learn how to control the weather.(Not only would I have fewer aches and pains, but I'd be rich.)

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