Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Old Favorite...Revisited

Working with paint and wood is one of my favorite crafts,but as usual, there are so many more pressing things to be done, around the property,every minute of every day,it's hard to find time to squeeze in recreational painting and such.A few months ago, I decided to move all of my woodworking tools indoors to one of Pop's garages. That definitely makes working with my wood a bit unhandy,but his space has electric, lightening, and walls to keep out the elements. My carport did not.

On this favorite of mine, I've replaced the word Sew with the regular word So,hoping that the sign would apply to any one's life,not just sewing folks. I love working with paint,wood,lettering, and colors. There is something about making pretty signs that appeals greatly to me, but it is a sit down project that takes a few more minutes than I feel I can donate to the project. My nerves just won't allow me to gather up all of the needed supplies for each project,and sit, long enough to get it done. I get fidgety, after sitting too long, and must leave that project and tackle another for a spell, then maybe I'll get back to it one day.Then, too, I get discouraged if the finished sign does not appeal to me. I have collected many painting projects.More than I will ever finish in my lifetime, but I keep hoping,One Day I'll Get To Them.

I used ribbon on the outline of the new sign,whereas,I used a tiny strip of wall paper for the outline on the first sign.It was much quicker than trying to paint a super straight line. The flowers were cut from wallpaper,but in the past, I had painted them free hand. I love the painted flowers best, but it is a bit more time consuming,and having enough time is always a problem.At least, for the things I'd rather be doing.

Mom saved me a beautiful lavender paper bag, and I am dying to use it on a board or two for borders and lettering. I hope to find a pattern for a lavender flower to use as well. If I don't get the time to tackle it soon, I can always dream about it in the early mornings to get me motivated. I will jump out of bed quickly when I have a thought such as this beautiful board all finished,if only, in my mind.


  1. Just beautiful Sue! You're really good with the lettering.

    I've been tackling a few projects myself!
    Just stopped to rest for a spell.

  2. Sue, I did comment earlier in the day....
    Blogger is on the fritz.

    Anyway, they are so pretty and you are super at the lettering!

  3. Hey Sue, this is the third time I've tried to comment on your post!
    Crazy-ass blogger..
    Anyway love them, you are so good at the lettering.