Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yard Party

 A year is a long time for a gardener to learn from her mistakes.

 (I have used this line so many times, I have considered posting the words somewhere on my blog, so as not to say it so often in my posts.)

These pictures may not look like much of a Yard Party, but you will never know how happy I was to finally catch a few cool mornings and evenings,so I could get my hands back in the dirt. 

The grass was creeping into my beds,which I dearly hate, but it seems even the harsh drought conditions we had this summer did not slow up the Bermuda grass. It keeps right on growing, right straight into my beds.

I guess the richer soil and the moisture that was held in by the mulch and ground coverings was to enticing for it to resist. 

I went out early in the mornings and late,and I do mean late,in the evenings, in order to avoid the sun and the heat that we are still having. I could work out there in the yard every minute and never tire, if only the temperatures and weather conditions would cooperate.I do love working in the dirt.

I have several bunches of Liriope that I love, so I have been dividing it and putting it as edging in all of my beds which I have widened about six inches. You can see where the gravel mulch ends.exposing the fresh new dirt in the new edging beds.

One never really knows how the beds will fill out until they have observed it the following year. Sometimes,the finished product does not appeal to you, like you had hoped it would.

So all you can do is wait till next year to redo it, or try moving some plants around before it gets too hot. In that case, for me anyway, a lot of my plants die from the heat and the shock of being moved. 

Hopefully,my plants will fill out enough this Fall to where I can tell if that's where I want them or not. Gardening and yard work is an ever changing process. You, or should I say I, am forever moving my plants around. I am forever thinking this flower would look better over here.Sometimes,I wonder if other gardeners do the same thing.


  1. Like you I am finally getting some cool time to work in the gardens. My flowers have been badly neglected this summer. Hope the fall veggie garden does much better than the summer ones. Heat and humidity this summer has been terrible.

  2. come and weed my grass patch sue, its not to hot here, we are coming into spring and the days are a lovely 18 - 22 degrees (um, u convert ;) )