Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Grand Daughter-The Style Bug

This is my Style Bug Grand Daughter. She is fast becoming a little lady who is crazy about the various clothing styles.She attended Catholic School until a year ago, and they were not allowed to wear whatever they wanted. The had uniforms. Now that she is in regular school, she is having a blast wearing different styles.She tends to be a trend setter, so in fashion she sees the styles of others and wants to incorporate some of them into her own style.

She found a pair of jean shorts that she dearly loves. She wore them this summer until they were getting kinda thin, so she attempted to sew them using a needle and thread as I had showed her in the past. I never knew her to attempt sewing anything by herself before. Neither had her parents. They were ecstatic over her trying to patch the shorts.They bragged and told everyone about her attempts at sewing.The women folk in her bloodline family do not sew.I,her step grandmother, had been trying to teach her as many things as possible, not wanting her to grow up with no such abilities. Her Grandfather admires women tremendously, who have the homemaker traits,like his Mamaw did.I am hoping that Leah will some day, find ways to utilize some of the different crafts that I am attempting to teach her.Evidentally, the Homemaker gene is one that not all females inherit.I do hope she retains some of the things we are using as she grows into a young lady.Preserving food is another thing I hope to teach her. Her only Aunt on her Mom's side does can,as does her Father, so hopefully she will try it on her own when the time comes.
This is the pair of shorts that she has worn to death. Between the two of us,we patched them up and she is still wearing them, every chance she gets.

I am fixing her another pair, in hopes they fit her, and that she likes them. She is into hair ornaments, so I'm hoping she likes the little flower I have made for her to wear,that matches the trim on the shorts.

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  1. Those are so cute!!!!
    I think she might be interested in this blog.
    This blogger takes thrift store items and things she alread owns and turns them into stylish items.