Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Lesson Learned the Hard Way.

I prefer my trusted old butcher knife to cut my corn off the cob.

I had a lot to do yesterday, getting ready for the Big Family Reunion, canning tomato juice, freezing corn(cut off the cob), so I decided I would run up the road, 15 or so miles, and pick up a bag of chicken feed and stop by the hardware store and purchase a corn cutter. I just knew that would save me a little time working with the corn. Anything to save some time.  I dropped what I was doing, knowing down deep inside, this was not a good idea since Pop and I had just been out this morning,25 miles to town and 25 miles back. We forgot to go by and pick up the chicken feed at that time. Pop took off fishing, so I rushed off in the other direction to get the needed items. Low and behold, I got all the way over there, through those curvy, windy roads, and the feed store was closed.I guess with the economy being like it is, they just had to close  at noon on Saturdays now.I went on to the hardware store, purchased two corn cutters they had on display. Surely one type would work. I rushed back home with the two cutters approximately $18. only to find neither of the two suited me. I preferred by trusted old butcher knife.So there was a couple of gallons of gas and and hour of my precious time wasted. Nevertheless, I finished the corn.That makes 2 bushels I have cut off the cob for the freezer. We love it so, it is well worth the hassle one must go through to get it done. We love corn on the cob, but cut off corn is so nice to pull out for a quick filler for the table when company drops in. No shucking or husking or pressure cooking. Just pop it in a bowl in the microwave  and it's ready. That's my kind of dish.Especially when you're fixing  a dozen other dishes.

I just wonder how others cut their corn off the cob. Do most folks use a knife like I do, or have they mastered one of the cutters? Now,I guess I'm stuck with 2 cutters that I will never use again, and I doubt the resale at a yard sale will be much. Oh well, another lesson learned ,the hard way.


  1. i use my teeth ha ha, glen just cuts his off with a knife as hes eating. we dont freeze corn as we dont have much space and just buy a bag of frozen corn as we need it. great standby as you say. sometime i get out a cupfull and make corn and bacon fritters for an easy dinner. maybe you can use the corn cutters for something else? peeling bananas lol.

  2. Sue, I haven't use any of the corn cutter, but i like my knife to cut corn off with. I also have frozen 2 bushel of corn. Maybe with pactice it will work out.Have a great Day!