Thursday, August 16, 2012

Problems when uploading pictures to my blog

I, like many others, have been having problems uploading pictures to my blog. I tried to find help for my problem, but found nothing that helped. I used trial and error all day long trying to post my last blog, and finally found a way to get my pictures posted.I had been getting a message each time I tried, that said,upload failed:server returned invalid response.

I did some experimenting with different methods of uploading my pictures, but not being computer savvy, it was not going too well.Then I clicked on the Picasa Web album,to the left of my post, and pulled up my pictures from that. I had no trouble uploading the pictures I wanted.At least it worked for the remainder of that particular post. Hopefully, it will work for me from here on out.I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. It always takes me ages to upload photo's. My way is probably a bit long winded, but it works, eventually. I used to set it to upload several in one go and walk away, but when I got back it had crashed and only half of the upload was complete. Loading multi pics is a nightmare. I have never looked at my Picassa albums, do you mean you upload yours there manually first before moving them to your blog? Maybe I should try that. I usually make a list of those I want to upload and do it straight from the computer, one at a time. I can tell if an upload is going to fail before it does, by the length of time it takes. I then hit the cancel button and start again on that particular pic. A pain but it works, by watching it I can speed up the process somewhat.

    Another way is to not use Picassa, but upload to a Photobucket account and transfer them across. Again long winded but it works. Good luck, these things are sent to try us.