Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Venture Soon to Go Belly Up

I'm afraid our doll making venture is headed for the wayside. Leah comes so seldom any more, and when she is here, she finds so many other things she would rather be doing. I suppose that is a good thing though, so I shouldn't complain. I just hate for her to go on Facebook saying she is selling dolls(which I hated to see her do in the first place....That's kinda like getting the cart before the horse)) and she's not interested in making the dolls like she had thought she would be at first. I think she thinks Meemaw will make the dolls and Leah will sell them and rake in the money.Not!

We attempted to make dolls yesterday. We were both suppose to be making our own doll, when suddenly she liked the looks of mine better, and wanted to work on it. That happens a lot with her. In the past, my paint brushes always worked better, so she always wanted to trade brushes.That's the way with the dolls. Nevertheless,I let her take my doll over, and she worked with it maybe a minute or two, then she was done. I had to finish it up. With me not being into doll making, it was a feat finishing it myself. I did finish it, somewhat, and I named her "Phylis Diller goes to the Ball".I thought it was funny, but Leah being so young and know nothing of Phylis Diller didn't get it.

(And,Oh yes. what a coincidence! Phyllis Diller Died Monday,which was yesterday.)

Hopefully, unless we hit on something really simple and quick for our doll making, this too will pass.I kinda hope so,for my sake anyway. I'd rather be crocheting or in the yard, or doing other crafts of my own interest, while she's out on the four wheeler,exploring the new property, checking on the deer's watering hole and other such things.

P.S. Terry, we got your package. As usual. I love your soaps. Even Pop's gift bar smells wonderful. I've not tried Lily's bar on her yet. Possibly today.Leah loves the wrist band. That's a great idea for her to try to make. She needs to work with the sewing machine a little more to get the hang of it better anyway. We have loads of pretty fabric and just as many beads and such. It would be a great project for her(if she would stick to it)Thanks a bunch for thinking of my family. That was so thoughtful of you.

(Hint:John is into unusual rocks. Maybe, next time I send in an order,you can send him a tiny keep sake rock from Texas.He could start a collection from every state. He IS interested in rocks.Not schoolwork, but rocks and anything war related.)

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  1. I was thinking I was leaving him out! I too collect rocks and so does Nathan.
    Steve works at the nursery and their rock pile is awesome, I'll look next time I'm there, I'm sure I can find some really cool ones.
    War stuff I'm not sure about, is he into swords, knights?
    How old is he?