Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update on Problem Posting Pictures

I did some more research after loading only one picture using Picasa. I was not able to load any more. The latest tip I found was to enter your blog through Google Chrome which I use on occasion.So far,knock on wood, it is working just fine. Hopefully, it will continue to work properly. It seems I am getting a refresher course in computers, whether I want one or not.I suppose a little more knowledge can't hurt.


  1. I would need a big course in computer, lost the cord to my camera and now I can't post my pictures, even if i know how to.

  2. Hey sue, I too have problems loading photos.
    I bought a software program at Office Depot called Photo Explosion, that lets me edit the photos in all kinds of ways and change their size. I reduce their size and that seems to help. About $20.00 Seems the photos from the camera are too large.
    What I also found to be helpful is to load the photos first, as many photos as blogger will let me, and when it won't load anymore I save the post as a draft, then sign out, then sign in again and continue on. Works for me.