Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mock Fried Apple Pies

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the pies. I made six or so, as an experiment, and the fellows devoured them before I could track down the camera.We had visited the funeral home this week with the passing of a friend, and someone had brought a plate of Fried Apple Pies. To my embarrassment, Pop learned that they were there and headed to the kitchen.Everybody knows and loves Pop, so they didn't think much about it,but that still didn't keep me from being embarrassed by his actions. He cannot resist Fried Apple Pies, regardless of the purpose for which they were intended.I noticed the appearance of the pies, and it didn't strike me until later this week, that they were small.Some folks make them and they are half the size of a dinner plate. I could never get them that big,especially when I started with a single canned biscuit for my dough.I use to work for a lady who could roll them out that thin, but I never could. Most folks love the pies regardless of what size they are.

As I was fixing supper tonight, I got the idea, to use tortillas for the pies.Sure enough, I opened a half pint of  peach preserves, that I had just put up this last few weeks, and began my experiment. I pan fried them in a bit of canola oil in a fairly hot skillet, just till they were golden brown on each side. I sampled one, and it was delicious, so I went ahead and offered them to Pop and a friend who was lucky enough to be present for the taste test. Not all of my experiments turn out this good,but I must say, I was impressed by how good they did turn out. I will definitely be making MORE fried pies in the NEAR future.I have always thought they were rather tedious and complicated,not to mention messy, and a definite labor of love,but never took the time to master them.Now that I have found this short cut, I'd be whipping up fried pies, more often.

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  1. That is a very need ideal!!!! I bet they were good.