Monday, August 6, 2012

Leah's Experimenting with Doll Making

Leah with her new purse made by Terry Mann Scott
Terry, Leah loves the little purse you made for her. Her friends at school will be envious. Leah tends to be somewhat of a trend setter at her school. She filled it up and began using it immediately.I think she wants to try her hand at purse making after seeing your pattern and the way you matched the fabrics.She loved the idea of using the ribbon for the strap. I have some pretty ribbon which I ordered when I was making the pin cushions. Possibly she could use some of that in her projects. I have lots of fabric to choose from, but the bright and colorful pieces, usually catch her eye, quickly.

I am so glad she is finally taking interest in craft making for real.I have always tried to get her involved and she would, because I insisted, but now I think she really wants to make things on her own.We are working with dolls for now, and she is enjoying that.I would love to help her make a book like mine,someday. I know she will really enjoy that, once she sees her actual writings in print.

For now, she is interested in doll making. The idea came to her when she and her brother,John, both bought a coke in the glass bottles. She decided she wanted to save the bottles for something,not really sure just what,but then she decided on using them to make coke bottle dolls.I tried to persuade her not to limit herself to glass bottles, but to branch out by using various materials for the main part of the body,which would,for the most part, be covered with fabric,etc., anyway.I made a little doll of sorts to show her what I meant.We are both beginners, so hopefully, we will improve, if we continue on with this little project for awhile,but knowing how we both operate, this too, most likely, will pass.
my try at showing her other options
For this doll, I used the top half of a plastic cola bottle for the base of the skirt.Then I glued one of Pop's eye drop bottles on to the top of the base.Then a wooden ball for the head. I wrapped the entire doll frame with a pretty yarn, Fabric would have been nice,too. The arms are made from a pipe cleaner wrapped in the same yarn.I debated on whether to make her some hands, and I may yet.The hair is made of crochet thread. I painted the face with flesh colored paint.I'm doing a bit of research on painting pretty doll eyes.Nothing fancy, but I wanted her to see the possibilities.

Leah's first 2 tries at doll making.She is so proud of them.
These are her first two dolls. I'm sure if she had the materials at home she would be making many others, but for now, she only works on her doll making when she visits Meemaw and Poppy.


  1. Hi Sue, I'm glad she likes the purse.
    I've been making them to sell at the shows I do.
    I realized though that they needed to be a little firmer so now I'm adding fusible interfacing to the inside for a more stable body.
    My sister was in from Shreveport today and bought 2, she thought they were great. That makes me happy, knowing my creations are appreciated.

    The little dolls are really cute, I like the one with the beaded arms, and it doesn't really matter if this phase lasts, it's all about the creative aspect.
    Leah has a good teacher, you are always creating wonderful things!

    1. Leah's testing the waters, but in a way I hope this phase passes. She's trying to sell them already on FB without knowing what she's doing. That part I hate.

      Love your colors on the purses, but yes, the interfacing would help make them stronger for carrying ipods and such.You do a great job on your crafts.My sister,Vicki, is thinking of taking a course on crafting. I didn't know they gave them.I need classes to fine tune mine.I am never totally happy with my finished product.