Friday, August 10, 2012

Children of the Corn

Well,this job wasn't quite as scary as the movie,but it was bad. Thank God, I only had a bushel to put up. No help this time. It took me a while,but I got'er done.Ten bags are neatly(well, maybe not so neatly)stacked in the freezer. Each bag holds about 2-3 cups. A good serving size for a family meal. We love corn, especially the super sweet kind, Serendipity this year,cut off the cob.Truthfully, we love corn any way you can fix it. Pop has diabetes, even though he is keeping his numbers down to the good range most days, he still is limited to how much corn and cornbread,he can eat,but the same goes for lots of other foods that he loves dearly.

Our Amish friends, John and Maddie,have lots of corn ready to sell now, and we got one of the first bushels from their field.Maddie had a huge pan,already gathered and cleaned, ready for their family's evening meal when we stopped by, and it looked so good, I just had to have some. I went with her to the field to gather a bushel, but when I began cleaning my bushel at home, I found it was a day or two shy of being as full as I liked, so,hopefully, we will be going back for another bushel today.

My sister,Rita,stayed with Mom last night. Mom has been having a few good days this week. Not so dependant on us girls, so I have had a bit of a break..Maybe, I'll get another bushel of corn put up today,just in case I need to be with her tomorrow.Sunday is our Big reunion, and sometimes she will come and spend the night with me, while we get our contribution dishes ready to take.We'll see how that goes this year.Now, the big decision.What to fix for the reunion.How about an extra big pot of fresh cut off corn. Sounds good to me. Later.


  1. A reunion, how fun. Typically my family wants to do a reunion at some expensive venue, like a cruise, count me out!

    I haven't done much canning this year, my booth at the farmers market is taking up a lot of time and energy. Plus, this year, the grasshoppers were so bad they ate everything in sight.
    I wonder if anyone else had issues with them?

  2. Sue ,the corn is good, I have put up a bushel of corn today also. It will be good this winter!!!!!