Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding Pleasure in the Pain of Others

Normally, I don't find pleasure in the pain of others,but in this particular case, it is hard not to chuckle when I read my niece,Becky's latest post.She is going through some dreadful things in her life,and she is working on them every minute, trying to make things better for herself, her soon-to-be-ex-husband,as she calls him, and her two sons. When she writes about the happenings in her life, you can only think,"Move over Erma Bombeck! Becky is in town."The child is so funny, and many times, she isn't really trying to be funny. She just is. I get such joy from reading some of her writings, I only wish she would write more, and publish her thoughts into a book. Others need to see that even though you are having problems in your life, you can still have a sense of humor, and still help others, by sharing some of your thoughts about them, with the world.Maybe,what is working for you, could work for someone else.Sharing our problems with others,who are in the same boat, can sometimes bring solutions that had never crossed our minds.Then again,what works for one, may not work for others.But it is nice to see what other solutions there might be out there in the world.Blogging is kinda like group therapy. You may get some ideas from others who have been through a similar situation, and found a remedy that might work for you.There are so many great remedies for so many different scenarios out there, you could get lucky and find the one that works for you in your specific situation.Do stop by Becky's post and have a little chuckle of your own to get your day started on a lighter note.

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